Confidentiality & Privacy


    Phoenix Psychotherapy has a dedicated and confidential phone line. There will however be times when no one can answer your call but there is a secure voice mail facility on this number where you may leave a message.  If we need to contact you we will agree in advance a protocol regards message leaving with you, including which number/s are acceptable to you.  You may also choose to contact us by email via our website.  Any paper based correspondence will be forwarded in plain envelopes to protect your privacy.


    The trust between client and therapist is of paramount importance and crucial to the success of the therapeutic process, therefore all information disclosed by you, including any images created by you, is treated as confidential. Apart from an initial brief case history it is not our practice to take regular notes on any aspect of the work but occasionally where this is deemed beneficial all information will be done so with respect for confidentiality and kept securely in line with data protection laws which we are registered with. This extends to any image or creative process. All images, either transient or permanent in nature, remain the property of the client and will be stored securely for the duration of the therapy but may be taken away or destroyed according to the clients preferences at the end of therapy.


    Professional practice ethics require all therapists to undergo regular supervision of their work with clients, but this is undertaken anonymously, and no details identifying the actual client are disclosed without the explicit permission of the individual. However, should it be deemed that any client is in danger of harming his/herself or another person/s, or where directed by a court of law, the right to break confidentiality is retained, although it is our practice to inform clients prior to breaching any confidentiality wherever possible.